Media coverage and the deaths of black people in custody


An interesting article has been published in the  and the Guardian    highlighting the lack of media coverage when it comes to the deaths of black people in custody in the UK. The author of ‘Black lives matter in Britain too: why does our media care less’ Kiri Kankhwendeor compares the lack of coverage with the USA where ‘African-Americans are able to speak for themselves’. But are deaths in custody something we should hear about from the media? If not from the media, from whom? What about deaths of aborigines in Australia, Native Americans in the USA or any other minorities?  Crucially, how are these dead remembered?  It appears, perhaps as a result of the lack of attention they receive from the media that many of these deaths disappear from public memory relatively quickly.  Kankhwendeor explains ‘Where race is a factor or an issue affects minorities, the media is unable or unwilling to grasp the nettle’. In July 2015 an article published in the Guardian revealed that ‘The number of people dying in police custody has reached its highest level for five years’. This is a sad statistic affecting people of all ethnicities and races. Let’s hope that the number of these often unnecessary deaths will not reach another record level.


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