About ‘Remember Me’ project

Welcome to the blog page for the AHRC funded research project ‘Remember Me. The Changing Face of Memorialisation’ based at the University of Hull.

The way British society approaches death and the memorialisation is changing. With an increasing emphasis on the individual, the project seeks to explore the making of meaning in memorial practices in Britain. Our research uses a range of methods, incorporating historical and contemporary surveys, case studies, ethnography, qualitative interviews, free-writing texts and photographic essays. We aim to combine data from a number of sources in a mixed methods design, tackling the research questions in different ways, in order to produce a comprehensive analysis of memorialisation.

The project explores a number of themes:

The research from each of these streams will be integrated to allow the development and exploration of cross-cutting themes. The project is informed by a Project Advisory Group made up of representatives of stakeholder groups and experts in the field of memorialisation studies.

Our blog offers a space to explore ideas relating to the core themes of remembrance and memorialisation. You can view more information about contributors to our blog here.

You can learn more about our project on our page on the University of Hull website: http://www2.hull.ac.uk/fass/remember-me.aspx

You can also follow us on Twitter @remembermehull or like us on Facebook. You can get in touch with our project via email rememberme@hull.ac.uk.


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